Olivia Leader


  Olivia Leader was born in 1974 in The Pas, Manitoba, the daughter of a Czech/Ukrainian mom and an English/Metis dad.

    In 1982 the family moved to Winnipeg where Olivia suddenly and unexpectedly took up sketching and painting.  For years she filled pages of art paper and canvas with her colours; and then, as suddenly as she began, abruptly she stopped.

    In 2002 she moved into her own house in Portage La Prairie and started backyard gardening - a few tomatoes at first, soon followed by peas, cucumbers, squash, beets, raspberries, strawberries, apples...and flowers, flowers, flowers. Then a startling event occurred: Olivia drove to Winnipeg one day to accompany her mom to a painting class, and discovered that the session instantly reignited her passion for art. The acrylics, her favourite, blazed with colour again. The brush in her hand felt right. Later, walking through her garden, she realized that she had to paint.  She simply had to paint. And not only the riot of colours in her garden; she had to put on canvas the hues and shades that were filling her head, the scenes around her everywhere, the tranquil landscapes of her imagination.

    Outside of work, and after painting, Olivia loads her truck with soil and plants and keeps expanding that garden. And then loads the truck with gear for a weekend of camping with her niece and two nephews, because she is The auntie.

    Her house is a joyous scramble of brushes and paints and completed canvases willy-nilly on every wall. And she is always winging off in every kind of jubilant artistic direction.


  You can contact Olivia at: livlead@gmail.com and by phone 204-856-0528